Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Brain Can't Work with All That Whining!

So after a few weeks of active blogging I faded away... and the reason - well, the challenge of staying at home with two monkeys wonderful children is that you have very little time to form a coherent string of thoughts. The only "downtime" you get is when the kids are playing with friends so you are either a) chatting with the other Moms, b) refereeing or c) racing around trying to accomplish all the cleaning and chores that have been neglected. Like now... my children were playing nicely upstairs with The Hubs. He just came down to say goodbye. Um honey... where is Destruct-O Boy? Oh, he won't come out of the bathroom... see ya! Do you know what that kid can do to a bathroom? Fortunately he just wanted to privately poop... not in the toilet of course... that would require me to think straight long enough to figure out a plan on how to get him potty trained. I tried it for awhile. That ended in me trying to peel poopy underwear off him in public places. When we start again I'll be carrying scissors so I can at least just cut them off. As my husband walks out the door he starts to shout... can you...?? The look of death made him stop short. No, today I will get 2 kids out the door to school and music class, squeeze in a trip to the gym and maybe a shower, back to school for pickup, make them lunch, put one to bed, tidy the house and practice reading with the other, make dinner, plan a birthday party, finish organizing our vacation, finish making awards for a luncheon, get the dogs toenails clipped, order a mothers day present, finish the laundry and handle whatever else gets thrown at me.

Where was I again?


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