Thursday, February 10, 2011

Music Soothes...

My plans for writing about gardening and running went down the tubes this week when I got sick and have just barely been functioning. Today isn't really much of an exception but the crud has settled down to a really annoying cough but I'm hoping to at least get a few miles in so I'm not behind on my training.
Anyway, back to the my original topic.... Music and kids. I'm always amazed at the power of music to transform my children from little beasts into sweet angels. Really! This morning they were driving me crazy and shouting "mommy" every 2 seconds. I put on some tunes and they are now playing peacefully together.
What is it about music that makes that happen? For my daughter, who hates being by herself, it seems to soothe her need to be right next to me. Something about the music in the room makes her feel secure. For my son, it seems to give him somewhere to direct his intense energy and end his constant attempt to be the loudest thing in the room (oh, did I mention I play the music really loud - not ear splitting loud but drown out the whining loud).
Oh crap, they must not like this song - the beasts have returned. I better turn it up louder.

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