Friday, February 18, 2011


So I said I was going to blog again and POOF! all interesting thoughts went right out of my head. Maybe they were eaten by the never ending cold turned ear infection that made it impossible for me to run, garden or even think!

I'm back on the treadmill this week prepping for an 8-mile training run.

Tomorrow the weather will be clear so we are planning a gardening extravaganza. I've got spinach starters that I haven't peeked at since I planted them (covered in a
Wow! It felt good to make that list, even if it wasn't interesting! At least I'm back to my post.


  1. Covered in a....?
    Did I miss something? I didn't see your list :)

  2. It's ok. I do the same thing all the time :-) Sometimes I won't post for weeks then I have to complain about jeggings.



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