Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gardening Catch-up

Tuesday is supposed to be my garden blogging day but I'm behind this week so here we are on Thursday but that keeps things exciting anyway.

I received my seeds this week from Territorial Seed Company. There were... well beautiful!

See what I mean?

I went through each one and made a chart for planting dates for indoor and outdoor starts. It seems crazy but when you are planting so many things it is really hard to keep track of what, when and where! So here is what I'm getting started this month:

Bell Peppers
Brussels Sprouts

Peas (snap and shelling)
Kohlrabi (I'm starting it indoor and out to see what does better)

I was also spending some time this week learning about cultural controls for garden pests. This is something that I never spent time thinking about before - how do you reduce destructive pests by changing what, how and where you plant your garden. I learned to plant cilantro and dill to attract ladybugs who will then eat your aphids - that's simple! Also, I was looking up information on how to get rid of the earwigs that ate my bell peppers last year... only to learn that is was the slugs eating holes in the peppers and the earwigs just used the peppers as a cool hideout during the day. Those darn slugs! They are always causing problems. So now I'm on a mission to figure out how to protect the garden from them. Easier said than done...

If the rain lets up some today you will see me and the kiddos down at the community garden putting the carrots in - give us a honk and wave!

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  1. Wow, this is impressive! Where did you learn all of this gardening stuff??



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