Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's In My Garden Wednesday

So you may have noticed that today is actually Thursday. I just didn't get around to posting yesterday but I'm trying to be consistent so I will just get it done today.

Sooooo.... what's in my garden? Hail, lots of Hail. We got pounded with tiny little white balls yesterday so I didn't get out to look around. Unfortunately the gutters clogged and overflowed on my Columnar Apple Trees taking most of the dirt away with the water so I'm off to get some more soil to refill the pots.

The cloche in my backyard is working well and all my little lettuces are sprouting. The cloche at the community garden blew off but I think I might give up on that one. The weather is starting to warm up so I don't need it anymore.

I bought a little greenhouse on Amazon:

It has been keeping my seedlings and my little bell pepper plants cozy and warm on the back porch. I think I'm going to keep one set of peppers in there all year (I'll open it up in the summer) and see how they do.

I have raspberry plants growing happily in some plantar boxes. The kids can't wait for them to produce!

So now what? I have to review my plans and see what needs to be started. It is so hard to keep track of what needs to be done. I'm also going to need to start transplanting some more seedlings but with this crazy weather it is hard to know when!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. I'm almost motivated by all your gardening, just not enough to start my own yet. :)



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