Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Bah! I have post-race let down today. After a fairly busy weekend and a sunshine teaser we are back to the gray. I'm more tired today than yesterday but a little less stiff so that is good but I'm generally grumpy. A lot of things are wrapping up in my life right now and it gives me a sense of being unsettled. I finished out my Home Horticulture Course which has been a weekly challenge since January, I finished my annual half-marathon (does 2-year in a row count as annual?), and the new board for our MOMS Club has been set and I will not be on it for the first time in 3-years. I'm happy that all these things are ending but I also am trying to decide what comes next and how to get myself out of negative funk that comes after completing a challenge. But of course none of these things have anything to do with Menu Plan Monday other than the fact that I don't feel like cooking so I'm having a hard time planning and my menu for this week is a little vague because I can't quite decide on anything.

Menu Plan
Monday - Pasta Primavera
Tuesday - Tilapia, Rice, Veg
Wednesday - Lentil Casserole
Thursday - Spaghetti & Salad
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Still Deciding
Sunday - Dinner out

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