Monday, March 28, 2011

In my Garden...

Winter is really hanging in here and the RAIN just won't go away. There is some promise for the weekend and today we might actually hit 60 degrees! So this weekend I decided to add a Cloche to get some of my lettuces going. A cloche works a bit like a greenhouse, providing cover for your garden to warm things up. I forgot to take a picture but it pretty much looks like this one from Westside Gardener where I got my instructions:

I should have done it sooner but the idea was just too intimidating until I found those instructions and gave them to The Hubs to go get the material. It cost about $10.

I also decided to bring a little garden color indoors. Make and Takes had great instructions on growing Wheatgrass. I stopped in at Lifesource yesterday and found the Hard Winter Red Wheat. I followed the instructions and now all my wheat seeds are starting to sprout! I will take a photo next week so you can see the beautiful green!

That's what's happening in my garden... how about yours!

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  1. So, I guess we WILL be gardening this year! The tenants in this house before us left some tomato plants in the backyard. :-D Love your new blog design, pretty!



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